Benefits of Magnesium L-Threonate

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Magnesium is the second most abundant electrolyte in the body and a critical dietary element. Deficiencies in magnesium are normal in the Western diet, and a variety of adverse effects, including fatigue, cramp, anxiety, and high blood pressure, have contributed to magnesium deficiencies.

Magnesium deficiency is one percent of aged human beings in the developing world. Magnesium found in dark, leafy green vegetables is necessary for over 300 biochemical body reactions. Also, researchers are now focused on the advantages of magnesium L-threonate at  for cognitive performance, to help cardiovascular 3-5 and bones safety, strength, metabolism, and mood.

There are several different sources of Magnesium, but work has found this specific type can increase the amount of brain magnesium and benefit the overall memory / cognitive function. One of the most absorbed forms of magnesium pills is magnesium L-Threonate. It is used for memory, healthy sleep, and cognitive function in general (particularly as one age).  Also, Magnesium L-Threonate study has shown that it promotes thinking, alert and emotional fitness.

Usually, magnesium L-threonate costs more than most vitamins. It is often associated with other magnesium supplements. However, the way it acts and what it does issomewhat different. In comparison to L-threonate, other forms of magnesium do not pass the blood-brain barrier quickly and hence stay in the periphery. Consequently, the main dietary magnesium in other magnesium formulations is gastrointestinal distress (stomach acidity, diarrhea).

On the other hand, magnesium L-threonate provides the neurons in the brain with magnesium that require much less than is prescribed for diet. This ability of Magnesium L-threonate is linked to L-threonate in which other formulations of magnesium do not exist in the blood and brain barrier. TheL portion is used to fill up the neuronal magnesium deficits of age and dementia, causes hyperactive neurons to quench, and promotes synaptogenesis and regeneration of the magnesium.

Nevertheless, keeping optimal magnesium levels in the brain is very challenging for the body. The maturing individuals with growing magnesium deficits over time are especially concerned with this issue. In the nervous system, most magnesium sources are not readily absorbed.

In addition to this, a daily dosage of 1000 – 2000 mg is recommended. It does not reach 2000 mg a day. (2-4 capsules). Magnesium Threonate contains 144 mg magnesium with a maximum dose of 2000 mg.

The preclinical studies say the magnesium amount of L-Threonate in the spinal fluid was remarkable by 15% relative to traditional magnesium. Animal studies have demonstrated even more convincing gains of 18% for short-term memory and 100% for long-term memory with magnesium as Neur. Three New Magnesium L-Threonatecapsules have a recommended daily dosage of 2000 mg.

While this provides a small 144 milligrams of elemental magnesium, it is preferred for aging humans by its superior absorption into the bloodstream and in the nervous system. A less laxative effect is observed with magnesium L-threonate than other magnesium forms.


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